Payment Access Systems

Payment access system is committed to providing the best financial technology products to serve the practical needs of society and contribute to promoting significant progress for the use of electronic money in future commercial transactions.


About PAS

ACH and Credit Card Processing offered by Payment Access Systems

Payment Access Systems, formerly known as Accelerated Payment Systems began business in 1999 and is located in the Denver metro area in the beautiful State of Colorado. Serving businesses nationwide, Payment Access Systems strives to offer the widest range and most advanced transaction systems available in both the ACH and credit card processing industry. Seeking the services of a variety of processors to fit this goal, Payment Access Systems has managed to create a very powerful transaction relationship offering the widest variety of transaction services

Realizing a need in the market to offer clients advanced yet simple transaction systems that streamline the business process became a major focus. We strive to offer our clients the best service and grow our business relationship that gives it a personal touch rather then just a number on the wall

Payment Access Systems takes a consultative approach in the sales process and makes sure that the client is provided with what best fits their business goals for both the present and future. Our strategy involves long-term relationships with our customers and that means putting the customer first

Why PAS?

  • 100% Safe
  • Burnt liquidity
  • Burnt 30% of total supply and more over time
  • Audited contract (Will conduct audit with TechRate, CertiK)
  • Community driven
  • Community run
  • Regular giveaways
  • 5% rewards for holding

Connecting and Processing Co-Branded Credit Card

  • Connecting to the VAS (Address Verification Service) via credit card parameters
  • Orders are priced straight forward using direct exchange
  • Transactions are calculated according to the actual time value
  • Assets are converted through a digital converter to a valid fiat currency
  • All transactions are transparent and public on Smart Contract
  • Saving time and money

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Using a non-middle platform, directly connecting to payment gateways, e-commerce sites through Private
  • Transactions take place between parties in the network using smart contracts, which can only be controlled by the private keys of the parties
  • Simple, fast operation, saving transaction costs
  • Assets held by the user, not controlled by a third party

Digital Platform

The digital platform has become an indispensable component in daily activities such as transportation, transportation, healthcare, food procurement, electricity and water, commerce and social interaction, etc of people around the globe

Social Network Communication

Social network Payment Access Systems is an online platform with a variety of formats and features that help people connect from anywhere. The content in the social networking directory is all user-generated and self-shared. Each user on the social network can create their own account and profile through a personal Private connection

Payment Access Systems Protocol

Blockchain (PAS) is a digital ledger of economic transactions carried out in a particular way. Blockchain (PAS) is not secured by any single authority, but is secured in a distributed fashion across a network of ‘nodes’ or computers, who join and form the network

Smart contracts (PAS)

Smart contracts (PAS) eliminate the need for a middleman, because the rules are enforced by the software. This allows for “protocol trustlessness”, where two parties can make commitments, such as payment for a unit of work, without having to know or trust each other

Operation Principle

The Payment Access Systems protocol enables the creation of distributed marketplaces for tasks over a global network. The PAS protocol is not the market itself, but the infrastructure that facilitates the creation, settlement, and automation of decentralized markets

Two main user units

Work Required Unit

This is a person or a device for the purpose of requesting work. This unit must pay a fee in PAS cryptocurrency when requesting to start a job. They generate a smart bounty on the blockchain

Work Performance Unit

This is usually a person, it can also be a device, application software. Borrowers are paid in PAS cryptocurrency for the completion of such work. The exchange acts as an intermediary in these two units

Digital Currency PAS with Payment Access Systems Protocol

Token name:

Ticker: PAS

PAS smart chain

Total supply: 120.000.000 PAS

Circulating: 54.000.000

Parallel Protocol (BEP20)

Binance Smart chain (BSC)

Total Supply: 120.000.000 PAS

Issue price: 0.01$